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Clarifying Your Vision Is One of The Most Powerful Ways To Bring Change To Your Life. Schedule A Discovery Call! I will help you place things in perspective and offer a pathway to move you forward with ease.

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Alba Henderson

Alba Henderson is foremost a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Author and a Woman who loves God. She is also a Goal Achieving Strategist. Alba is a strong advocate of vision boards, goal planning and achieving.

She serves and pushes her clients to truly stay the course, conquer the

process, identify their strengths and to strengthen their weaknesses using the Word of God, her strategic sessions, workshops, master classes and ebooks .

"Our work does not end in making clear your goal planning and

entrepreneurship journey, we make sure to assist you in accomplishing and celebrating", says Alba

She has also written several books, e-courses and e-books that encourage women entrepreneurs such as; The Soar Path, 6 Degrees of Sponsorship, Successful Delegation, Step Over It Move on, Critical Thinking, Clear Conception, Handling Your Business, IgniterHER and Sunday Goals Planning Basket Workbooks and The Position Your Brand eCourse.

Alba is the President, BrandHer P.e.a.r.l, a success sisterhood network and International President, Armstrong Woman's Center in Nairobi, Kenya.

Her ultimate journey in her walk with God; to impact lives one Sister at a


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There is a mighty warrior living inside

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